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Harness the power of presence and compelling storytelling to build your brand, inspire action and drive results.

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Give your ideas the expression they deserve.

Maybe you’re looking to energize your team’s pitches. Or you’re gearing up for a prominent keynote. Or you’re just looking for greater recognition in your company.

Whatever you’re targeting, clear and compelling communication is an essential ingredient of success.

Convert more pitches

Sway your prospects on a visceral level.

Strengthen client relationships

Show up in a way that projects confidence and instills trust.

Rally your team

Inspire focussed, high-performance collaboration.

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Our Services & Programs
Grounded in acting and performance techniques, our signature Win Your Audience training programs empower you to...

• Discover a style that connects
• Structure a message that resonates
• Develop a presence that inspires

“Fluency's content and delivery could not have been better. We can see the impact they've had on our team's performance.”

— Henry Perren
(President, Cidel Bank)

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From group to private training, and in-person to virtual, we have something for everyone.

Client Testimonials

Learn how Fluency has helped others...

"Andrew Musselman is a master teacher, a wonderful collaborator and an even better human being. I can’t wait to share the floor with him again."

Warren P. Sonoda President, Directors Guild of Canada

"Fluency brings extensive communications expertise to help with the delivery of a presentation – everything from how to tell a story, manage pacing and even make the audience laugh. They were such a pleasure to work with."

Anne Stephenson Partner, Explorer Research

“Win Your Audience'' is an excellent workshop. The focus on authentic, over formulaic speaking style is a refreshing approach. I highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to master speaking with presence.

Kate Hayes Senior Manager, Credit Valley Conservation

“Fluency is excellent. They understood the brief and as a result, the content and delivery could not have been better. We can see the impact they've had on our team's performance”

Henry Perren President, Cidel Bank

“I would have no hesitation recommending Fluency wholeheartedly.”

Liam O’Sullivan Principal, RP Investment Advisors


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